A happy camper

Most of you who know me well know that I am not what one would describe as “an outdoorsman”. I take no offense at this categorization (or is it a lack of categorization? anyway.)

While I do love nature and very much enjoy quite a bit of outdoorsy-type activities (fishing, hiking, anything involving lakes and rivers) — I have a fairly strong disdain for camping. To be more specific, I am averse to circumstances that leave me with no access to a hot shower, provide bathroom with no plumbing, and, most of all, force me to sleep in a tent.

Well, this past weekend our good friends Luke and Mary invited us on a weekend primitive camping extravaganza in Billy Creek, Oklahoma. Needless to say, I was less than enthusiastic about the general premise, but figured that it would still be ok.

I have to say that I had as much fun as I could possibly have had on a November camping trip!

This in spite of a massive thunder and lightning storm on the last night that flooded our tent and made the environment less than favorable. We actually ended up sleeping the last night in the back of the Xterra.

So is there hope that I may become a fan of camping after all? I doubt it. But I am always a fan of good times with good friends.

We drove back up early Sunday so that we could attend MLS Cup 2005. This is the championship game for Major League Soccer. Shelley and I had midfield seats in the fourth row. Unlike camping, I unabashedly love soccer and this particular environment was breathtaking.

Fans flew in from around the country and the atmosphere was electric. With a national television audience, perfect weather, and an overtime finish: it was absolutely incredible! As is my unfortunate habit, I forgot my camera.

So that’s the update from The Boudreaus.