A new hope

I love the new year.

Not because there’s any particular significance to the calendar turning the page.  But because it has a sort of rejuvenating effect on society.  

People feel hopeful. Optimistic.  The proverbial new lease on life

Some of us focus on the annoyances of people resolved to change. They crowd the gyms. Take all the best vegetables at Whole Foods.  Slow down traffic with their bicycles. 

The new year makes some of us as exuberant as kids just after church camp. And yes, that can be annoying… I meanseriously, the road was made for cars. You shouldn’t be pedaling down MacArthur Boulevard in your Huffy! 

But I digress…

These annoyances are truly a small price to pay.  If we ever want to be better, we will at some point be the one slowing down traffic. 

When we resolve to do better, we often become better.  And that’s no small consequence. 

I love resolutions.  And it is quite secondary whether we reach our goals.  It’s important to self-examine.  It’s important to strive.  It’s important to humble ourselves. 

It’s better to resolve and fail than to never resolve at all.