Best sound editing

So my thought for today comes from watching part of the Grammy’s last night. What are your thoughts on awards ceremonies like that?

Whether these types of events interest you or not, it isn’t difficult to recognize the fascination that comes with events like this. Celebrities, music, competition, suspense, fashion, etc. Certainly, the Academy Awards take the cake when it comes to capturing people’s interest and curiosity.

As an avid aficionado of both films and music, these types of events usually interest me on some level. Over that past few years, though, I have lost the capacity to sit through even brief portions of these extravaganzas. I’m interested enough to read about them the next day, but frankly, the entire spectacle seems incredibly narcissistic and a huge self-tribute.

The megalomania of events like this is on par with people who have websites where they post their life events, photos, and every mundane thought that crosses their mind. Wait a sec… Scratch that last point.

Anyway, I have grown tired of these ceremonies. At least the Grammy’s provide a slew of live performances to entertain the viewer. But the Oscars rely on often disappointing comedians and the latest Disney song performed by Elton John or Phil Collins spattered between exciting awards like “Best Sound Editing”. (How do they determine all those editing awards anyway?)

After which, as the clock nearly strikes midnight, they finally give out the anti-climactic award for “Best Picture”. Fortunately, we, the viewer, have been able to use gambling, alcohol, and large gatherings of friends to salvage the Academy Awards in what we affectionately have come to know as “The Oscars Party”.

Yes, good ol’ debauchery to the rescue again! In the end, whether you drink a Barqs or a Heineken, the only part of the Oscars Party that usually disappoints is, of course, the awards ceremony itself.

On a side note, I’ve been itching for the opportunity to use the word ‘megalomania’ for weeks.