Certainty is not clarity

There’s a phase of faith where it’s easy to get stuck—where we become a walking list of things we don’t do. And in many ways this is natural. The binary is so clear, even if it is wrong.

The problem is that its easy to confuse certainty for clarity. The more I embrace mystery—the less the so-called purity of my theology makes sense, let alone matters.

But this transformation wasn’t a snap of my fingers. My worldview was built upon unflinching confidence—so I had unwittingly built up a fear of doubt. It’s that fear that kept me from learning to love mystery.

There’s more mystery than knowledge in the universe. So it should come as no surprise when questions abound.

But I’m also discovering that mystery isn’t always something impossible to understand or know. It is something that is endlessly understandable, endlessly knowable, endlessly explotable.