Code of professional conduct

Members of The Academy have pledged to uphold, promote, and uncompromisingly adhere to the standards set forth in The Academy’s Code of Professional Conduct. As such, The Academy of Design Professionals represents some of the most responsible and competent professionals in the design world.

My colleague, Andy Rutledge, has put together a treatise that outlines a Code of Professional Conduct for designers.  Andy has been writing on the topic of design professionalism for years and has a gift for communicating with clarity.  His wisdom on this subject has led him, perhaps compelled him, to become a public and vocal advocate for reforming our profession and taking it back from amateurs.

I am writing this to proclaim my dedication to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and competence and publicly promise to uphold the spirit of the code. 

Thanks to Andy for his work and commitment to this worthy cause.