Culture drives success

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

—Peter Drucker

Imagine your business as a car. The strategy is the GPS directing your route, but the culture? It’s the engine, the very force that propels you forward. A top-notch GPS system isn’t worth much if your engine is sputtering and stalling, right?

Now, consider a well-oiled engine, humming with power and precision. It’s built on mutual respect, open communication, trust – these are the pistons firing in perfect sync. With such an engine, even if your GPS route isn’t perfect, the car keeps moving. The culture, the engine, powers through obstacles and helps you correct course.

Contrast this with an engine leaking oil, one suffering from neglect. A culture steeped in fear and micromanagement. Even with the best GPS system in the world, how far can you get if your engine gives out?

This is why culture eats strategy for breakfast. Strategy can chart the course, but only a strong culture – a strong engine – can keep the wheels turning and propel your business forward.