Between mass shootings, gang violence, domestic violence, and suicide—America doesn’t have merely a single gun problem, it has several.

But while deaths continue to mount, we see little progress in putting sensible reform around policies that administer access to deadly weapons.  

It’s shameful that our lawmakers do little more than deliver platitudes and evade the responsibility their role demands of them. Meanwhile, citizens—including children while at school—pay the ultimate price.

It is a level of irresponsibility that is reprehensible. But sadly, the consequences that victims of this malfeasance face are irreversible.  

If you want armed guards at schools?  Let’s talk about it.  Armed teachers? That’s madness, but fine—let’s have that conversation. 

But let’s not shut down dialogue around stricter gun control laws. It is the most obvious topic that merits—at the very least —serious consideration.

If the right to bear arms is essential and self-evident, then its proponents should have no issue defending it.