Nothing cements fandom like pain

“Nothing cements fandom like pain.”

— Brendan Hunt

Everton. It’s not just a name, but a collective experience, a community bound by shared exhilaration and shared pain. See, fandom isn’t built in the grandeur of victories alone. No, it’s solidified in the trenches of defeat.

Being an Everton fan is a journey – marked by the highs of triumph and the lows of defeat. Each defeat stings, yes, but it’s the very thing that cements the bond of the fandom. It’s pain that writes the unwritten charter of the Everton community. It’s the thread that weaves the fans together, the mutual grit and tenacity that form the backbone of the true fan.

The essence of fandom? It’s not the euphoria in each goal scored; it’s the shared wince at every near miss. The collective sigh when the whistle blows too soon. That’s where you’ll find the heart of an Everton fan—rooted not just in the love of the game, but in the shared experience of the ups and downs. Pain, oddly enough, is the glue in this relationship. It’s the silent pact that says, “We are Everton, through thick and thin.”

Everton are the worst—and I will love them to my dying day.