Questions of faith

If you take your faith seriously—you will likely have issues, doubts, and serious questions.

The moment you question—even a basic tenet of your faith—doesn’t mean you are “out” or should go elsewhere. Think of it in a different context. Would your marriage be over if you ever had doubts? If that was the case there would be no relationships, let alone marriages.

People are too quick to leave—or—be shunned by their religion because of questions and doubts. Questions and doubts show that you are thinking critically. You are searching for the truth.

How will I find God if I don’t seek? How will I find answers if I don’t ask questions?

If you aren’t asking questions, you haven’t taken an interest.

There’s more to religion than theology. There’s more to church than doctrine. I suggest that people find community in their doubt, rather than embarking on an endless quest to find a place where everyone agrees with you.