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Cool is not a strategy
Joe Rinaldi has written a brilliant article called “The ROI of Cool”.  In it he describes his disconnect from the impulse to pursue and produce “cool” designs and products. In our work with nonprofits, there is often a misguided desire to have what I term a “high cool factor”.  It gets dressed up with...
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Get real
My business gives me the opportunity to interact with a variety of incredible people and opportunities.  Much of these lie in the world of faith-based ministry.  An observation I’ve made is that there is a strong desire to be perceived as, Real… Authentic… Approachable…   But the...
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Krunch time
Tonight Shelley and I hit the Tom Thumb for an emergency ice-cream pit-stop. I enjoy the supermarket, especially later in the evening when the shopping population has dwindled. One of my intellectual abnormalities is a fascination with product packaging (and product jingles … but that’s not the topic...
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