In the world of web design—where there’s always a new trend, challenge, and sea of competitors—Chris and I have taken Ascendio down a different path. It’s not just about the websites we create—it’s about the fundamental principles that guide how we run our business. These principles aren’t just lofty words—they’re the foundation of everything we do, the way we build relationships, and how we continue to grow.

Let’s dive into these three key standards that guide us. They’re what make Ascendio more than just an agency—they make us a team renowned for our professionalism, accountability, and our knack for getting things done effectively.

1- We are professionals

Professionalism at Ascendio is a creed, a guiding principle that transcends the conventional definition. It’s not about the attire we wear or the gravity in our voices. It’s about the art of asking the right questions, venturing into the right challenges, and the skill of attentive listening. Being a professional means taking responsibility for a project from start to finish, ensuring that every step is taken with purpose and precision.

Our approach to professionalism is rooted in a deep understanding of the human element in business. We firmly believe that companies don’t work with companies—people work with people. This philosophy is central to how we operate. Before we embark on any project, we invest time in understanding the people behind it—their goals, challenges, and vision. This isn’t just a preliminary step (although, that’s when it is most critical)—it’s a fundamental part of our process.

Understanding people, especially the people we work with, is the first duty of a professional. It’s about building relationships that go beyond the transactional. We delve into the needs and aspirations of our clients, ensuring that our work is not just a service, but a tailored solution that resonates with their business ethos. This human-centric approach has always set us apart and drives our success.

2- Everyone is accountable

For us, accountability is not just a buzzword—it’s our way of life. We have cultivated an environment where over-communication is the norm, not the exception. Why? Because clarity is king. In the process of building websites—where assumptions can lead to missteps—our commitment to clear, continuous communication ensures that we’re always on the same page with our team and our clients.

This culture of communication fosters responsibility. It’s a cycle of trust and learning, where being accountable to each other and our clients isn’t a chore, but a privilege. We believe that when accountability is ingrained from the start, it creates a foundation of trust that can weather any storm. Whether a project sails smoothly or hits a bump, our commitment to clarity and communication keeps us moving forward, together.

3- We get things done

At Ascendio, our promise is simple: we deliver. Our processes are refined, our expertise is directed, and our projects are completed successfully, on time, and within budget. But let’s be clear: our work, while beautiful, is not art or self-expression. It’s design with a purpose. It solves problems. It adds value.

We are in the business of making things better, of transforming ideas into digital realities that exceed expectations. This commitment to getting things done is how we earn our clients’ trust, project after project. It’s not just about meeting deadlines—it’s about delivering excellence, consistently.

Final thoughts

In this ever-shifting world of technology and design, Chris and I stick to these principles like a compass at Ascendio. They’re not just rules for us, they’re a promise—to our team, our clients, and to each other—to always be professional, accountable, and get things done right. It’s this commitment that keeps us going strong and helps us build real, lasting connections with everyone we work with.

Stephen Boudreau serves as VP of Brand and Community at Virtuous Software. For over two decades, he has helped nonprofits leverage the digital space to grow their impact. To that end, Stephen co-founded RaiseDonors, a platform that provides nonprofits with technology and experiences that remove barriers to successful online fundraising. He is an avid (but aging) soccer player, audiobook enthusiast, and the heavily-disputed UNO champion of his household.

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