The Houston Oilers

The sweet old days of pale blue jerseys, Warren Moon, the electric slide, and an addictive habit of crumbling in the playoffs have come and gone.

Former Houston Oilers fans, like me, are left with a mere handful of memories, most of them disappointing.

If it wasn’t a last minute John Elway comeback, it was a monumental collapse to the Buffalo Bills. Choking was the most defining characteristic of the Houston football club. And of course, being the glutton for punishment that I am, this drew me to them.

Back in the day I was both an Oilers and Cowboys fan. Flashback to 1993. My sophomore year of high school at St. Joseph Academy in Brownsville, Texas. My best friend Jerry Ruiz (a loyal Cowboys fan) and I got in a lively and expressive debate about the Oilers. In this conversation Jerry paid very little homage to the Oilers and, in fact, was quite disrespectful.

WELL THAT WAS IT! (insert me pumping my fist here)

As a result of that conversation I vowed to never root for the criminal Cowboys again and devoted my fanhood soley to my beloved Oilers.

I realize that story is both amusing and pathetic.

Well, many years have passed and I have slowly but surely gone back on my vow and loosely embraced the Cowboys. I certainly still enjoy the NFL, but it has never been quite the same since the Oilers packed up and moved to the music city.

There are even disquieting rumors that I secretly and inexplicably cheer for the Arizona Cardinals! Just a rumor, mind you, but my sources are solid.

Well that’s life and, of course, it is just a game. That’s definitely the best perspective to have.

Especially when you’re an Oilers fan.