The rest of the story

As much as I wanted to order the crusted chicken Romano, this is how it all went down.

First off, my original plan was to get the ‘steak sandwich with fries’ as my mamacita recommended. When we arrived to the restaurant and perused both volumes of the menu, we were confronted by the unfortunate realization that there was no such item on the menu. With a quick phone call, we came to the clarification that when she said ‘steak sandwich’, she meant chicken cheese steak, like a Philly cheese steak sandwich.

First off, I’m shocked my mom even likes those sandwiches.

Secondly, gross.

Anyway, now for the rest of the story.

We started off with the sweet corn tamale cakes that Rosa recommended. They sounded good. They looked good. And Rosa…. they were as sweet as you. Excellent choice!

So then onto the main course.

The problem was, once I saw that my mom had not only commented on the website, but gone the distance and recommended something, the excitement caused me to forget most of what everyone else had posted. Not to mention all events and circumstances in my life that had preceded that moment.

Just when I was starting to panic and the words “crusted chicken Romano” were about to leave my lips, I had a flashback. 2nd grade. Mrs. Potts classroom. I forgot to wear pants. Wait! That was later.

What I remembered then was that Mr. Matthew “Not-Less-But” Moore had suggested the Pizza. I like pizza. I like pepperoni. And hey, cheese is good too. Armed with that knowledge, I requested thepeeeeppeeerooooni piiiiizzzzzahhhh. In retrospect, I should have ordered with an Italian accent. That would have been perfect.

The final verdict: Matt, the pizza was moore than I could have asked for. Another outstanding choice and suggestion.

All in all, a perfect evening. We ended up laughing the night away watching Elf on DVD at home. Thanks to everyone for your assistance.