Navigate the tricky waters of trust and communication with humor and grace. Learn how being clear and complete can save friendships, relationships, and your social life.


A reader named Kevin described the heavy weight of grief he was carrying after the unexpected death of his dog. Magary’s went from sports philosopher to Gandalf the White in a blink—and I found myself upended. His words and sentiment are beautiful, poignant, and wise.

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Discover how Eli and his sons, Tick and Tock, learn to cherish life’s moments in the whimsical town of Little Peculiar.


Discover the magic of branding and how it turns ordinary products into unforgettable experiences. It’s not just about what you make, but how you make people feel.

Dive deep into Nike’s transformation from selling shoes to weaving dreams, crafting not just customers but a global congregation of believers.

It struck me that there’s a lot an agency or marketing team can learn from a writers’ room. Every business experiences friction between creating and critiquing ideas. A writers’ room is like a masters class on the creative process.


Think about it. Why don’t people donate? Why do shopping carts remain empty? Why are breakthrough ideas left on the shelf, gathering dust? And why do problems – big or small – remain unsolved, festering in the shadows? We’re selling, but no one’s buying. It’s like we’re standing on one side of a chasm, shouting into the void. But here’s…

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Well, grab your remote, pop some popcorn, and prepare to dive into…

Explore how Han Solo, with his mix of rogue charm and moral ambiguity, teaches us to navigate life’s grey areas with humor and heart.


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