Assembly required

Recently, I spent an afternoon assembling a playground toy for my sons.

Piece by piece. Hesitation after hesitation. I bumbled through the process as it slowly transformed from a disorganized mess into a completed masterpiece.

My four year old stood by throughout the entire process. Impatiently, he wondered when it would be complete – trying to will the pieces together with his words. Let me tell you, the boy has quite a bit of questioning-stamina. Even after four hours – he was still energized by the potential he saw in the pile of parts.

I get that. I’m the same way.

When I look at my boys I realize that much assembly is still required. I do my best to help these pieces take shape. To mold them into men. To reveal the beautiful masterpiece. A lot of times I’ll realize I’ve made mistakes and do my best to take steps back, minimize damage, and keep moving forward.

Let me tell you: I’m building up my Fatherhood stamina. Some days I hit that wall and feel like I need a break, but a second wind is always just around the corner.

It comes in the form of a sweet hug before bedtime. Watching them share and play together. Or witnessing their eyes glimmer with wonder as they see their dad busy doing the precious work of assembly.