“Intimate sensations”

For the past couple of weeks we have been settling into our beautiful new home. I really can’t adequately describe just how much we love it. But as is the tradition in our lives, something kind of funny has happened.

Well, with the new house we decided to get a new phone number. Little did we know we were getting a “recycled number”.

Here’s where things start to get funny.

Over the past few days I have noticed on the caller ID that we have been getting several phone calls from “Unknown” numbers and even one call from Mexico. I found this quite odd considering no one yet knows our new number.

As part of our service, we got voicemail with our new phone. I hadn’t yet configured it, so I called up the number and did that last night. When our voicemail picked up though, there was already a greeting message on it. Apparently a company called “Intimate Sensations” previously used this number.


So I go ahead and change the greeting, pass code and set everything up to reflect The Boudreaus. Easy enough.

Then came this morning. We were having some furniture delivered so I worked from home. : : ring, ring : :

Me: “Hello?”

Strange lady: (very serious tone) “Is this Intimate Sensations?”

Me: “No.”

Strange lady: (still quite serious) “Is this phone number xxx-xxx-xxxx?”

Me: “I’m not sure, I just got this phone number and can’t remember. Let me check, I’ve got it written down right here.”

Strange lady: (almost desperate) “Is this Intimate Sensations? I’m looking for Intimate Sensations”

Me: “I can’t really help you with that. Can you give me that phone number again?”

Strange lady: (in a VERY hostile tone) “Is there someone more responsible there I can talk to about Intimate Sensations? Let me speak with your manager!!!”

Me: (in an even MORE hostile tone) “THIS IS MY HOME!”

I hung up at this point. She didn’t call back. I have no doubt that more phone calls like this will be coming for a little while.

I wonder what kind of business Intimate Sensations is? Maybe I’ll ask.

Anyway… Stay tuned as Shelley and I will be hosting a housewarming party of some kind in the coming weeks. We would love to have many of you local, non-criminal Dallas readers over.

We can’t guarantee intimate sensations, but I think good times will still be had by all.