Lead to Another Lead to Another

Lead to another

Unravel the profound impact of choices in shaping paths and identities, emphasizing the cascading effects of decisions.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

One thing does, in fact, lead to another.

The type of work we take. The type of people we work with.  The types of decisions we make. They all lead to other similar experiences. 

As a business owner, the application is pretty clear. When I consider taking on a project, hiring an employee, or making any decision— I don’t just think about that one moment.  There’s a road ahead, and each decision impacts the path. 

Saying yes to something is allowing it to become part of my identity. 

“Yes, this is the type of work I do.”

“Yes, this is how I make decisions.”

“Yes, I renegotiate deadlines that I agree to.” 

“Yes, these are the types of people I surround myself with.”

Decisions transcend the moment they are made. Willfully or not, they begin to craft our identity both within ourselves and outside ourselves. 

When making a decision, let’s take time to ask ourselves if this is a decision we want to make again. Asking this question will help us make better choices in—and for—the future.