Math on the go

Calculator watches. I can’t be the only one who sported one of these babe-magnets at some point during adolescence. Mine was so hot, in fact, it became hot. That’s right, my bitchin’ black Casio calculator watch got stolen!

This traumatic event may explain so much. Not having this cutting-edge tool available to me at a moments notice may explain why I developed a childhood aversion to math. Which may also explain why it still takes me a (long) second to do simple math in my head.

Of course, that’s just a theory.

Having worn this watch in junior high may also explain why attractive women had an aversion to me.

Actually, there are many theories out on that issue.

Honestly, though, of all features to include on a watch, why a calculator? Is figuring out the square root of 149 so urgent that it requires attention at a moments notice? Not to mention that you had to have surgeon-like hands and precision to press the buttons accurately!

As with all things retro, these watches are making a mild comeback. One of my friends has already acquired (a pink) one and sports it regularly. Although, I must say I’ve never seen her do long division on it. More style than substance, I suppose.