My Journey

I originally wrote and privately published this story in July of 2015. For years, I shared it with but a sacred few, but eventually found courage and shared it more broadly. 

In modern terms, this is my story of “deconversion” from Christianity. And while that is true, I don’t think life is so much about arriving at a final destination as it is about paying attention along the way. 

I share this now—with peace and humility.  It’s my story, my journey—or at least part of it. But as it says in Ecclesiastes, there’s nothing new under the sun. Many have walked where I have been—and many more will again.

I share it to be seen and known better—and so others who might wish to be seen and known better, realize they are not alone. 

I am an ever-work in progress—always on the journey. Just doing my best, to do my best. 

Part 1
Part 4