Responsive Nonprofit Summit 2022

One of my go-to quotes on teamwork is by legendary basketball coach Phil Jackson.  He says, “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

I love that. I believe that.  But what makes words ring true is when you experience them.

My team at Virtuous is a daily inspiration. Seeing them support each other, care for each other, encourage each other, forgive each other, love each other… and, oh yeah, deliver incredible, meaningful, life-affirming work day-in-day-out… it’s motivating and energizing.

Each one of us makes the others stronger.  And all of us together make weeks like this possible.

Congratulations to everyone for an amazing week at the Responsive Nonprofit Conference.  I am delighted by each of you.  I am proud of each of you.  And I am strengthened by each of you.

Enjoy this moment of celebration.  You earned it.