Aim High Aim High

Rising Above Mediocrity: The Power of High Aspirations

Explore the power of high aspirations and the journey to extraordinary success.

“The greatest danger for us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that our aim is too low and we reach it.”


Just discovered Tom Peters today thanks to a colleague. Mr. Peters has a lot of wisdom and insight into what makes us tick as people. I watched about a dozen of his 2-3 minute videos. Each one drenched in the waters of the wise.

This particular video talks about being extraordinary vs being “ho-hum”. This is something that is a double-edged sword in my life—as I often allow the best to be the enemy of the better. I often stall out and fail to progress because I cannot meet an invisible standard.

However, this personal hangup is merely something that needs to be dealt with. There is no reason to stop pursuing the extraordinary. Ultimately, the journey transforms us—and the journey, more than the results, makes all the difference.

Here is some wisdom from the ages that makes my heart beat a little faster, but more importantly, it moves me to action.