Ten years later

This coming weekend is my ten year high school reunion. Yes, it’s true.

This seems like a big deal. I mean, it is ten years. That’s a pretty high percentage of my life thus far. Something like 3,650 sunrises and sunsets have come and gone since I was that semi-innocent, know-it-all 18 year old kid many of you knew and loved. I find this very hard to believe. But life, as we know, teems with these kinds of fully-expected surprises.

In a blink of an eye a decade went by… sort of. I went to college. Fell in love. Got married. Moved to Dallas. Started a professional…ish career. Discovered ebay. Got a myspace page. Well… maybe it was a long blink.

Shelley and I will be heading down to my old city this Friday. I am optimistically anticipating an unforgettable weekend. I have a lot of thoughts on this milestone and I’m sure the actual event will provide me with many more. I’ll share all those upon my return. First things first…

For a weekend, I’ll be 18 again.

See you in Brownsville.