The illusion of the perfect moment

“If we wait for the moment when everything is ready, we shall never begin.”

—Ivan Turgenev

If we sit tight, holding out for the planets to align just so—the green lights of life will remain elusive. It’s like waiting for a comet—unpredictable, rare, a sighting in a lifetime—if we’re lucky. Begin now, in the midst of the muddled, imperfect circumstances that color our days.

It’s as if you’re waiting at the starting line for the track to become clear, for the wind to die down, for the sun to be less harsh. But the reality of the race is this: the track is uneven, the wind is erratic, and the sun? It’ll burn.

And yet, the race begins.

Time waits for no runner. The “perfect” moment? It’s a mirage. The real opportunity? It’s in the now.

So, lace up. Get set. Begin.