Today is ‘some day’: tumbles, triumphs, and roller skates

Discover the magic of ‘some day’ through a child’s roller skating adventure. Amidst tumbles, learn why today is the perfect day to start.

We often tell ourselves, “Some day, I’ll try that,” or “Some day, I’ll be brave enough.” But what if “some day” was today? My youngest son, a whirlwind of emotions, taught me this profound lesson in the most unexpected of places: a roller rink.

For those unfamiliar with my son’s emotional range, imagine a symphony that can crescendo from a delicate flute to a roaring tuba in mere seconds. So, when he declared he wanted to roller skate, I braced myself for the full orchestra.

The rink was alive with the hum of wheels and the distant thud of pop beats. With a mix of excitement and trepidation, he took his first step. And down he went. It seemed the universe had conspired to make the floor his dance partner that day. But with every fall, he rose, embodying the spirit of “today is some day.” There was no waiting for a magical moment in the future when he’d be a skating prodigy. Today was the day to try, to fall, and to rise again.

To the casual observer, it might’ve looked like a series of comedic pratfalls. But to me, it was a masterclass in resilience. Each tumble was met not with defeat, but with an eagerness to embrace the challenge once more.

As we left, his shoes replacing the skates, he turned to me, eyes gleaming, and asked, “When can we do this again?” It wasn’t about mastering the skill—it was about embracing the moment. Today was his “some day,” and he had seized it with both hands.

So, the next time you find yourself saying “some day,” remember the roller rink, remember the falls, and most importantly, remember the spirit of a child who taught us that today is as good a “some day” as any.