And that’s one to grow on

Saturday mornings in the 80s wouldn’t have been the same without those friendly PSA’s from NBC called “One to Grow On”. They provided tips and advice that ranged from how to grow your financial portfolio to how to avoid getting hooked on nicotine.

But what they really provided was the opportunity for young actors and actresses to show their stuff. And show they did!

Take for example, the renown Jaleel White, aka: Steve Urkel, Stefan Urkael, “Did I do that?”. Jaleel got his big start on none other than One to Grow On. Where would situational comedy be today had he not gotten a big time break from the producers at NBC? I don’t even want to think about it.

In one of the anti-smoking classics, there is a part when a girl tells the “smoking bathroom girls” off real good.

“Anyway, I have better things to do than stand in the bathroom with smoke in my eyes. See ya around!”

OOOOOOOOOHHHH!! IN YOUR FACE BEEYATCH!!! You know five minutes later she realized how uncool she was and was back there beggin’ for another puff on the magic dragon. (Yeah, I know I’m mixing metaphors… leave it be.)